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Guilty Pleasures

Image(Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #1)

by Laurell K. Hamilton

Characters : Anita BlakeDolph StorrZerbrowskiJean-ClaudeEdward/Ted Forrester, Phillip

Paperback, 306 pages.    

Published August 3rd 2004 by Berkley Trade (first published 1993)

Summary : Anita Blake may be small and young, but vampires call her the Executioner. Anita is a 

necromancer and vampire hunter in a time when vampires are protected by law—as long as they don’t get too nasty. Now someone’s killing innocent vampires and Anita agrees—

with a bit of vampiric arm-twisting—to help figure out who and why. Trust is a luxury Anita can’t afford when her allies aren’t human. The city’s most powerful vampire, Nikolaos, is 1,000 years old and looks like a 10-year-old girl. The second most powerful vampire, Jean-Claude, is interested in more than just Anita’s professional talents, but the feisty necromancer isn’t playing along—yet. This popular series has a wild energy and humor, and some very appealing characters—both dead and alive.

Review :

Anita Blake, a necromancer and vampire slayer gets forced to work for the city’s most powerful vampire, Nikolaos, who is 1,000 years old and looks like a 10-year-old girl. There has been vampire murders, and Nikolaos want Anita to find the murderer. The second most powerful vampire, Jean-Claude, owner of club ‘Guily Pleasures’, shows more interest in Anita then just her talents. But Anita doesn’t date vampires, she kills them. She is the Executioner.

Anita Blake is small and young, but strong and talented as hell. She has a mind of her own, and shemight be scared to death but she doesn’t let fear control her. Anita has her snarky comments, and a smart brain. She’s not the usual soft hearted woman you usually read about, yet she’s kind. She loves her job, even though she gets bruises and scars all the time. Let’s just say she doesn’t really go a night with a good night sleep. Great with weapons and knifts she does what she does best, she hunts.

Jean-Claude, powerful and beautiful as hell, seducing voice and one hell of a body. You didn’t get to see alot of him in the book, but the pieces you got if him, you just got to love. He’s a man you don’t forget easily, if not at all.

Edward/Ted Forrester, or so called Death by Anita, is a man you really should stay clear of. A cold heart, yet looks innocent and gorgeous. A dangerous combination. Edward doesn’t really get afraid of anything, and he sure as hell loves a challeng. Dangerous as fuck, i would not want to piss off.

Phillip, a vampire junkie and a stripper at Guilty Pleasures. Kinda beautiful and sweet. He kinda grows on you, and you just can’t help but to like him.

I think this book was great and i can’t wait to read what happens next to Anita, and specially Jean-Claude! I want to know more about him! I love Anita, she was awesome and the type of girl/woman i love reading about. Laurell K. Hamilton is a really fantastic author, and i can’t wait to read more from her. I can’t belive i’ve waited so long to read this book.. I was taken by surpise, because i didn’t really belive i would like this book, and i ended up loving it 🙂

Rate: 4-4.5 stars.